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GRATITUDE Challenge #3

Give Mondays a chance! Think of 3 things you're thankful for today.  I enjoyed my sweet potato couscous lunch, I went on a beautiful, foggy run this morning and car seat heaters saved the day in 19 degree weather. 


GRATITUDE Challenge #2

I'm thankful for comfort zones and the endless potential to grow outside of them.  When was the last time you stepped out of safety and thrived outside your comfort zone?  Share your thoughts and comment below!! 


'Tis the season for thanks and giving! I'm challenging myself and YOU to take a moment each day to reflect and focus on gratitude.  Let's build and strengthen thankful hearts!  "I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness... Continue Reading →

Back to the Real World: Now What?

Thoughts and observations collected after walking 2,650 miles in the wilderness... My feet STILL hurt. It's been almost 5 weeks now since we finished the Pacific Crest Trail and my feet are still swelling and aching. Usually pain comes first... Continue Reading →

Beard Timelapse

Pacific Crest Trail 136 Days - May 4 - September 16, 2017

Final Stats From Our 2,650 Mile Journey on the Pacific Crest Trail!

Final Pacific Crest Trail Stats Total Days on Trail: 136 (May 4-September 16, 2017) Trail Names: "Blossom" & "Jake Rabbit" Total Mileage: 2,650 miles + 65 additional miles road walking around fire closures Average Daily Mileage: 19.9 miles (including zero... Continue Reading →

Things I Learned Hiking 2,650 Miles.. 

Things I learned hiking from Mexico to Canada... Set your goals daily. You can't think about getting to Canada every day. Take every day head on, in the moment, always setting a reachable goal. Mind over matter. You can tolerate... Continue Reading →

PCT 9/17/17 – Victory Lap

Mile 2,658 - Welcome to Manning Park, Canada!

PCT 9/16/17 – Day 136 

WE MADE IT!!!!!! May 4th - Sept 16th | 136 days, 2,650 miles, record snow, record heat, multiple fire closures, 5 road walks (+65 additional miles); after months of hiking we made it from Mexico to Canada!! Hands down the... Continue Reading →

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