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The First 210 Miles of the Pacific Crest Trail

Merry Christmas "Waterboy!"


Back to the Real World: Now What?

Thoughts and observations collected after walking 2,650 miles in the wilderness... My feet STILL hurt. It's been almost 5 weeks now since we finished the Pacific Crest Trail and my feet are still swelling and aching. Usually pain comes first... Continue Reading →

Beard Timelapse

Pacific Crest Trail 136 Days - May 4 - September 16, 2017

Final Stats From Our 2,650 Mile Journey on the Pacific Crest Trail!

Final Pacific Crest Trail Stats Total Days on Trail: 136 (May 4-September 16, 2017) Trail Names: "Blossom" & "Jake Rabbit" Total Mileage: 2,650 miles + 65 additional miles road walking around fire closures Average Daily Mileage: 19.9 miles (including zero... Continue Reading →

Things I Learned Hiking 2,650 Miles.. 

Things I learned hiking from Mexico to Canada... Set your goals daily.You can't think about getting to Canada every day. Take each day head on, in the moment, always setting a reachable goal. Mind over matter.You can tolerate more than... Continue Reading →

PCT 9/17/17 – Victory Lap

Mile 2,658 - Welcome to Manning Park, Canada!

PCT 9/16/17 – Day 136 

WE MADE IT!!!!!! May 4th - Sept 16th | 136 days, 2,650 miles, record snow, record heat, multiple fire closures, 5 road walks (+65 additional miles); after months of hiking we made it from Mexico to Canada!! Hands down the... Continue Reading →

PCT 9/15/17 – Day 135

2,623.1/2,650 miles 

PCT 9/14/17 – Day 134

2,592.4/2,650 miles 

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