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PCT 9/11/17 – Day 131

2,520.6/2,650 miles 


PCT 9/10/17 – Day 130

2,492.1/2,650 miles

PCT 9/9/17 – Day 129

2,464.9/2,650 miles Today was Grandpa's Memorial Service. We laughed and cried, reunited with old friends and celebrated an amazing man! It was a beautiful day!! I'm so thankful Jake and I could be there. 

PCT 9/6-8/2017 – Day 126-128

Not too many pictures were taken during our 3 days off trail - I apologize! Most of our time home was spent helping with Grandpa's funeral service and living on family.  This is will also be my last blog before... Continue Reading →

PCT 9/5/17 – Day 125

On our way down the ski slopes of Steven's Pass, I called my Mom to clarify a good meeting place for today. Sobbing, my Mom gave me the news right away before anything else could be said.  "Honey, Grandpa passed... Continue Reading →

PCT 9/4/17 – Day 124

2454.2/2,650 miles

PCT 9/3/17 – Day 123 

2,425.6/2,650 miles

PCT 9/2/17 – Day 122

2,397.8/2,650 miles

PCT 9/1/17 – Day 121

2,390.6/2,650 miles - Thank you Dad for all your support! We are so happy you were able to spend the afternoon with us. We love you so much!!

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