Running Pregnant: Real Talk, Trimester II

I've officially reached trimester three of my pregnancy! Which means its time for "real talk" about the past three months running with baby. If you read my original post Running Pregnant: Real Talk, which shares my experience running during my first weeks of pregnancy, you'll find out that running wasn't really happening. I had bleeding …

Running Pregnant: Real Talk

Real talk: I honestly thought I would be one of those women running up until their due date. I admit, I set an expectation early on that I would be able to continue running throughout my pregnancy. What I didn't realize was just how much my body would change in a short period of time. …

Our Biggest Adventure Yet!

We're pregnant!!! Baby Rose is due September 6, 2020. I am currently 17 weeks along. Hoping to share more about my pregnancy journey and the many adventures to come with our little one!

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