Planning for the Pacific Crest Trail is well underway! Check here to see the latest updates and progress. Our journey begins May 4th, 2017!

❈ January 18, 2017 ❈

Here’s a test run of my blogging format. Write, snap a photo, post.

❈ January 24, 2017 ❈

It’s permit day!

Just a heads up – permits go fast and the webpage will most likely crash several times with so many people trying to send their information. What’s handy is the Pacific Crest Trail Association website posts a calendar with the number of permits left and available for each day in April, May, June. Very helpful!

Now we wait. Permits will be issued starting February 15th!

❈ February 8, 2017 ❈

Base weights are in!! Click here to view each of our current base weights for the Pacific Crest Trail. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas for cutting more weight.

❈ February 16, 2017 ❈

Permits confirmed for desired start date (May 4, 2017) and sent via email!

One-way plane tickets purchased for May 3rd from Portland, OR to San Diego, CA.

❈ April 2, 2017 ❈


Resupplies FINISHED!!