Cordillera Huayhuash – Day 4 – Huayhuash Camp to Viconga

Day 4 Huayhuash Camp to Viconga

We woke up to more rain but felt stronger and better acclimated after a good nights rest. It was a shorter day – only 4.5 hours of total hiking. The trail was a little more gradual today but still reached a 15,500ft pass. No views of the mountains, just lots of rain and more snow (Christmas tunes boost moral – gotta embrace it!) The trail was super muddy too, so we were slipping and sliding with every step.

“Risk of drowning water depth.”
No peaks today!

20181014_113356Just as we rounded the top of the pass, a gentlemen on horseback, heading the opposite direction, was herding a mama pig and her piglets. Where are we!?

Nearing camp, a man stepped outside his home to greet us. We told him we were hiking the Huayhuash Circuit. He proceeded to point us toward a different trail saying, “12 minutos, 12 minutos…” Arriving early to camp, we figured we would go on an adventure and walk 12 minutes in the opposite direction.

Let me tell you… it was the highlight of the trip. Despite the rain, snow and hidden views, the Viconga Hot Springs was quite the experience. Jake and I arrived wet and muddy. A couple local families were already swimming and soaking in the two pools of steaming water. They walked up from a nearby village. We weren’t exactly sure how far their walk was, but they made a day out of it! And as always, dogs tend to follow not far behind. 20181014_133726

The hot spring was perfect temperature as the rain continued to fall. It was a huge pick-me-up after a long couple days walking in extreme weather. We were cured of chilled bones!

Everyone was very kind and welcoming. Jake and I changed in a small room and undressed, soaking in what we had – our undergarments. Want an amazing experience to be in the middle-of-no-where, Peru, soaking in a far away hot spring, in the mountains, with the local people.


After soaking, a couple locals shared their clementines with us. The kids continued to swim and play ball with their clementines in the water! Ha! We were very thankful for the experience and to relax with people after a long couple days alone in the back country.

At camp, we said a prayer that the sun would come out tomorrow! We had big views and our two highest passes to look forward to at 16,500ft!

Chickpea Curry Couscous for dinner tonight!

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