A double zero spent in South Lake Tahoe with my parents – what a blast! After all the Sierras threw at us, we definitely needed some rest. We’ve come so far and are so thankful for all we’ve had the chance to experience. The trail has taught me a lot about the power of prayer and exposing my true strength. 

It’s also amazing how fast you start missing the trail after a zero or two. Excited to hit the Trail and continue Northbound tomorrow morning!

Today we celebrated my parent’s 32rd and our 3rd Wedding Anniversary at Lake Tahoe. I love sharing this day and I’m so ecstatic my parents could be here with us!! I’m so thankful to have Jake by my side to climb mountains and ford rivers with. If we can make through the Sierras during a high snow year, we can make it through anything. I love you Jake Rabbit! ♥️ Let’s hold hands and skip to Canada!
What a lovely change of pace.
We played a lot of corn hole! So fun!
My parents came all this way.. we are so grateful for everything they have done to help us continue our trek northbound. What an awesome double zero! Love you guys!!!