1,022.5/2,650 miles – Sonora Pass resupply with the parents!

Just catching up on the latest. Ironically, “How to Safely Ford a River” is an article featured.
We do our food prep in parking lots. My Mom and Dad dehydrated veggies (including sweet potato bark), fruit and went shopping at Trader Joe’s for us. I have the best parents in the world! Thank you Mom and Dad!
So. Much. Love. We received a pile of encouragement today from Aunt Rose’s 1st graders and my co-workers! Talk about filling your bucket… my bucket is full! Thank you so much. This keeps us going!!
When your parents pick you up after 59 days in the wilderness… SO HAPPY!!
After a resupply visit with my parents, we headed back on trail for another 4 days to meet back up with them at Lake Tahoe!!
This was a pretty sketch climb…