– We got used to having cold and wet feet from walking in snow all day and crossing rivers. Our feet look like prunes 24/7.

– You won’t get anywhere fast. And don’t try to speed up! I fell so many times trying to rush once we got down to dirt trail.

– There is definitely strength in numbers! Hiking with a group saved us. Being with a group increases safety and boosts your mental game working as a team. 

– Sun cups are exhausting. You lose your footing so easily slipping and sliding. 

– Be prepared to sleep on snow at times.

– Attitude is everything. When something bad happens, your reaction can make or break you.

– We woke up at 4:00am every morning and started hiking by 5am. It’s good to get going before the snow gets slushy. Especially climbing mountain passes!

– We hardly saw any people during the last 200 mile stretch. Which meant there were no steps to follow!

– Navigating in the snow is tough at times. Rarely were we on the actual trail.