Celebrating one month on the Pacific Crest Trail by taking a ZERO in Mojave today!

We’re approximately one week away from arriving at Kennedy Meadows; the gateway into the Sierra Mountains. Cell service will be non-exsistent for the next few weeks so prepare for a lull in blogging. 

There’s a lot of hype and fear building around the Sierras. So much worry in fact, some people have decided to skip the Sierras all together. We understand there are  risks ahead and have established additional plan B’s as needed. We are sure footed, skilled and prepared for the challenge! More important than being equipped with cramp-ons and ice axes, God’s also goes with us. 

Please pray for us as we go through the Sierras! We are very excited for this part of the PCT and can’t wait to see what God has in store!

Breakfast cost $11 and satisfied our hiker hunger!
New shoes!!!!! We’re so excited.
After. 6 days of food and 5L of water each. Its going to be a heavy carry tomorrow!

Hiker Trash: noun: a word used to describe thru-hikers – typically characterized by a hiker’s offensive odor, grungy beard and ceaseless hunger. You might be considered “hiker trash” if:

…you add Nutella to your pasta and mashed potatoes in order to increase calories (Waterboy)

…you wash you hands, face, arms, legs and feet in public restrooms 

…you refuse to wash off dirt because its also your sunscreen

…hangout in groceries stores for the free air conditioning and electrical outlets

…you don’t think twice about accepting food, water or car rides offered from strangers